Retiree Wins Multi-million-dollar Super Lotto Jackpot

California’s super lotto plus draw distributes one of the highest jackpot prizes in the world. So many candidates aim for the jackpot that the odds of winning nearly 1 in 40 million. People usually play this lottery not just to try their luck but to also have a good time with friends and family, having a fruitful discussion about the game.

There are thousands of retail outlets in California that sell lottery tickets and some are more famous than others for one simple reason, they have sold at least one jackpot ticket in the past! CA super lotto plus is also played online. Hence, if you feel you cannot run to the nearest store to purchase your ticket, you can play the lottery online. All you need to do is provide some of your basic information including name, contact number, email and you should be good to go.

California is considered one of the most ideal states in the United States to run your own business. Hence, many lottery winners use some of their wins to start up something of their own, while others save it for the retirement and by a couple of houses to generate a passive income on a regular basis.

Retired man bags $20 Million Jackpot

For Jose Ramos, the days for continuing a regular job were over last year and he was thinking about what he would do after the retirement. Little did he know that there is another twist around the corner waiting for him at this stage of life. Ramos is a regular customer at a local donut shop in the Inland Empire district. He usually spends a couple of bucks buying coffee and keeps another dollar for the lottery draw. It was one of those days when he purchased a $1 ticket in hopes to win a large sum of money in CA super lotto plus game. When the results were announced, he was shocked to note that his ticket matched all the numbers lucky draw.

While Jose Ramos has kept himself away from the public eye after winning the jackpot, he did suggest that he would spend his earnings on buying more lottery tickets in the future. Jose was not the only one to benefit from the lottery ticket, the owner Ling Goun won a jackpot of his own. Since he is the owner of the store where the SuperLotto Plus ticket was sold, he was given $100,000 for being part of the game. As soon as news of the win spread across town, people started flocking to Goun’s shop to try their luck and celebrate the local win with a cup of coffee and some donuts.

Why you should not publicize your lottery win?

One of the major reasons why you should not publicize your lottery win is that you never know how many scammers and ID thefts are out there hunting for big winners like you. People can go as far as establishing fake NGOs just to get their hand on some of your wins. Even long-lost friends may start calling you telling their sad stories about how they lost all their wealth the last few years and were looking for an angel investor like you to pull them out of their financial trouble.

Hence, it is quite important that you disclose the good news to only your close family members and best friends. While some states make it mandatory for the lottery winner to attend at least one press briefing, the amount of disclosure primarily depends upon you.

What you should do with your lottery win?

Here are a few tips that can help you maximize on your lottery winnings:

Take professional financial advice – Your first priority after hitting the jackpot should be to find out the best ways to preserve your newly found wealth over a long period of time. You can achieve this purpose by talking to a financial expert like wealth manager or a personal finance manager at a local bank. These professionals can identify multiple opportunities for you to explore and invest your money in. You can open a term deposit account or invest your money in an investment management firm.

Talk to a real estate agent – One of the best ways to secure your wealth is to buy property including houses or commercial real estate. If you buy a house, you can not only live in it but can also put it up for rent to generate a passive income. If you buy a couple of properties, you can utilize one for residential purposes and the other to generate rental income.

Invest in gold – Gold is considered to be a precious commodity that can help you pass on your wealth to your future generations. For hundreds of years, gold has almost always appreciated in value. People have used this metal to migrate from land to another and using it to maintain their financial standing.

Take a Break – Winning a lottery jackpot is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a break from your regular schedule and travel to your dream destination. Once you have figured out a plan on how you want to spend the jackpot money, you should decide on a travel budget and enjoy a luxury vacation with your loved ones.

Contribute to charity – Strat searching online for legitimate charitable organizations or NGOs and see which one is close to your heart. You should then approach their staff to find out how you can contribute to towards their goal. Giving back some to society will not only give you emotional satisfaction it will also put your money to good use.

There is no such thing as a lucky number in a lottery game. In fact, the lottery draw is a random selection of four or five numbers from a large pool. If the numbers on your ticket match with those of the draw, then it was your lucky day. The challenge that is even bigger than winning the jackpot is whether you are able to grow your wealth over time or not. Therefore, you should plan on how you will spend a large sum of money from the day you purchase your lottery ticket. Because you never when your ticket number can match with the lucky draw!

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