A Lottery That’s Truly for Everyone

If you are often researching lotteries on the internet, you might have come across Lotterly. Lotterly Play India Lottery is the new form of lottery wherein you can create your chances of winning lots and lots of money without spending any. Yes, that’s true. You don’t have to spend any money to be a part of this amazing lottery that rewards 12 people with thousands of dollars every week. In this review, you will see why Lotterly Play India Lottery is truly the lottery for everyone, why there is a dire need for it, and how it works.

An Overview of Lotterly Play India Lottery

Lotterly is the simplest and most convenient way for someone to be able to win a life changing prize. To be able to participate in this lottery, you have to download the Lotterly application on your smartphone and create your login username and password. Once you have created the login credentials, you have to watch videos to enter into the lotteries.

As of the moment, you are required to watch four videos to enter the lottery once. What that means is that watching four videos is equal to one lottery ticket. And participating in this lottery is as simple as that.

You don’t have to mark numbers on any play slips, go to retail stores to buy any tickets, and sit down in front of the TV to match your numbers. You keep watching videos on Lotterly and creating your entries. After a week, the developers of the app put their drawing algorithms to use to pick 12 participants randomly. There are a total of 12 prizes to be won. One prize goes to the biggest winner. The second prize is for two players whereas the third prize goes to nine different players equally.

According to the current Lotterly rules, the first prize winner takes home 60% of the total prize money whereas the second prize winners (two persons) get to win 11% of the total prize money. The last winning category includes nine winners wherein each winner gets 2% of the total prize money. There is no fixed prize or jackpot in this lottery. The prize money continues to grow for as long as people are generating new entries by watching videos. In short, there is no cap on how much money you can win with this lottery.

When it comes to announcing the winners, you can use the application or visit our website, to see the list of winning players and their prizes.

Why Lotterly Play India Lottery Is Truly for Everyone

You could quote dozens of reasons why Lotterly is for everyone. Here are three types of people who could benefit from Lotterly like never before.

People Who Don’t Trust Internet

With the current technology, you can now find almost all the lottery websites on the internet. The entire process of participating in the lottery is online now. Here is what a typical lottery purchasing process is:

  • You sign up on one of the hundreds of lottery websites
  • You create your login username and password
  • You pick the lottery of your choice – usually you have lotteries available from all around the world
  • You mark the numbers on the electronic play slips on your screen
  • You fund your account using wire transfer, e-wallets, credit/debit cards, etc. to purchase the ticket
  • A company’s representative buys the ticket on your behalf if you are not in the country where the lottery takes place
  • The ticket gets scanned and stored in your online account
  • You get a notification after the draw if you have won anything

While the rest of the procedure is okay, people often do not trust the online account part where they have to send their money to some company that’s not even located in their country.

In addition to that, they don’t want to provide their banking details on online websites. This fear of information theft keeps many people from participating in lotteries. On the one hand, they are doing the right thing by staying safe. On the other hand, they are missing out on a huge life changing opportunity of wining millions of dollars while others are winning.

People Who Are Skeptical about How Lotteries Work

Some people are not willing to spend any money on lottery tickets because they are not comfortable with the way lotteries operate. When they look at the odds they are fighting against to win the jackpot, it is clear in their minds that they will never win. The bigger the lottery, the more people there are participating in. Take the example of Powerball and MegaMillions, the two lotteries in which nearly the entire US is taking part. Now, at the same time, lottery companies are encouraging people to buy more tickets to have more chances of winning the lottery. But that makes these people even more skeptical.

To buy more tickets, they have to spend more money. Why would they spend more money on something they don’t think they will never win? Lotterly solves that problem conveniently. It does not require participants to spend any money. All they have to do is watch videos to enter the lottery. To boost their chances of winning, they need more entries. In the case of Lotterly, they just have to watch some more videos to create those extra entries. In short, there is nothing to be skeptical about when you are not putting your money on the line.

People Who Earn Very Little

This problem has existed in India a lot. At one point, Indian government considered banning lotteries in the country quoting gambling addiction as the reason. According to the groups that wanted lotteries to be banned nationally, poor people earning daily wages were spending all their money to buy lottery tickets. They would end up spending all their day’s wages on lottery tickets to fulfill their dreams of becoming rich. In short, lotteries were devastating for the lives of the poor.

However, the government ended up giving states the autonomy to ban or not ban the lottery.

People who earn small daily wages are everywhere. Buying lots of tickets every week to participate in a lottery is not very wise for them. Lotterly solves their problem in the best way possible. All they need is a phone and the Lotterly application.

They also need an internet connection to watch videos but since internet is available in every corner of the world today, the availability of the internet is not a problem at all. By watching videos, these people can create entries into the lottery and boost their chances of winning. They can keep their daily wages while having the opportunity of winning thousands of dollars.

The Lottery Process with Lotterly Play India Lottery

It is the most straightforward lottery you will find today. Here is how you can participate in the lottery.

Download Lotterly Play India Lottery App

Download the Lotterly Play India Lottery application on your smartphone. Right now, the application is not available on iOS but it is coming pretty soon. The application is easily available for Android users on Google Play Store.

Create an Account

Sign up using your existing email address and create a password that you can remember. These are your unique credentials and Lotterly Play India Lottery will recognize you with that.

Watch Videos

Now it is time for you to participate in the lottery. Do you have to spend money to participate? Not at all! Just watch videos because after every four videos, an entry is generated into the lottery for you. You can keep on watching videos to generate more entries. Of course, more entries means higher chances of winning the prizes.

See the Results

The draw takes place with the help of Lotterly Play India Lottery algorithms that randomly pick the 12 winners. Use the application or visit the website to see the names and email addresses of the winners. If your name is in the list, just wait for your account to get credited with the respective prize.

The Lotterly Play India Lottery Prize Breakdown

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 12 winners in this lottery. The first prize is the biggest prize and the winner gets rewarded with 60% of the full prize money. You must know here that there is no fixed prize for any winner. The prize money continues to grow with the growing numbers of people. That’s the most interesting part of this lottery i.e. there is no cap on how rich you can get as a winner of the Lotterly Play India Lottery.

The system picks two names for the second tier prize. The second prize is 11% of the entire amount. You will love the fact that Lotterly Play India Lottery rewards both these winners with 11% of the total prize money. It is not 11% for both so they can split 5.5% between each other. It is 11% of the total prize money for both winners.

The third prize winning category does not disappoint too. First, there are nine people announced in this category. If your name is in this category, you will win 2% of the entire prize money. Yet again, you have to know that the either other players in this category with you will also receive 2% each. It is not 2% to be distributed among nine players equally.

In this way, Lotterly Play India Lottery rewards 12 players each week with a lot of money. The life changing jackpot goes to the winner in the first winning category. Depending on how many people are participating in the lottery in any given week, even the second category prize winners can win a life changing prize.

Is There a Need for Lotterly Play India Lottery?

Of course, Lotterly is a unique lottery and there is definitely need of some innovation in this industry. The traditional lotteries have now been around for several decades. It is only in the best interests of the people when there are more lotteries. However, modern world calls for modern touchups for everything, and lottery is no exception. People are always on the hunt for jobs that they can do from home these days. A lottery is probably the best thing that they can do from home.

They don’t even have to do anything technical to be able to win a huge jackpot.

Furthermore, we have to keep in mind the three types of people mentioned above. While millions of people take part in lotteries around the world every year, millions of others stay away from doing that too. And what about the people who end up spending all their money just to be rich? Shouldn’t there be a solution for such people? Additionally, if you are someone who is not cool with the idea of depositing money in an online account due to safety reasons, no one should push you to do that. With Lotterly, you can keep your privacy and still have the opportunity to win a life changing prize.

Before You Try Lotterly Play India Lottery

There are a few things that you should know before you download the Lotterly application and start watching videos. First, the application is quite new so you will not find a lot of information about it on the internet. However, trust should not be an issue because you are not putting anything on the line when taking part in the Lotterly Play India Lottery. Secondly, the application is only available for Android users at the moment. If you have any further questions about Lotterly and how it works, you can use the contact form on Lotterly Play India Lottery to send in your inquiries.

Bottom Line

Every big company starts as a small company. Every invention was once only a thought in a person’s mind. Similarly, the idea of participating in a lottery by watching videos might be very new to a lot of people. However, with everything that technology has achieved in the modern era, such a concept should not shock you. You have people making money by completing surveys, copy pasting ads, etc. Lotterly, as you can notice, is only an extension of that idea. If you have always dreamed of a day when everything about your life changes completely, you should take part in Lotterly lottery, watch videos, create multiple entries, and hope to hit the life changing jackpot.